Saturday, December 12, 2015

Will An Imaginary Boyfriend Doom Them All?

My Best Friend's Brother Books

Great news! My Best Friend's Brother: Making Up Blake (Book 4) is now available for preorder! You can preorder a copy at iBooksAmazon, or Barnes & Noble.

That's right, Making Up Blake is about an imaginary boyfriend. And, really, who hasn't had one or two of those in high school, right? I know I sure did! But, then again, I've always been a writer. And writers create people—it's what we do best.

Blake's also a Facebook boyfriend. And, as you'll soon learn, those can start a whole lot of trouble. In no time flat.

I have several books coming out in 2016, and I'm moving forward with Year of Luke (Book 5) in the next few weeks! That's right, there's more! So much more to come!

Since we are so close to the holidays, this may be the final post from me this year! I'm trying to balance editing, writing, and family, and will be spending the holidays with family and friends.

This has been a year full of change for me, but I'm happy with how it turned out. This year, I've done something my late brother told me to do back in 2008. I'm proud of myself for finding the strength to do it; and I know that, wherever he is, he's proud of me, too. It's quite bittersweet.

I wrote three books in 2015, and got to meet a lot of wonderful readers from all over the world (many of whom dropped by my Facebook, though on occasion, I do get an email)! It is so cool seeing where everyone's from!

In the past two months, I reconnected with old high school friends, and a lot of college friends, as well. I also met an amazing guy, who's the kind of guy they make movies about. He's sort of legendary. And he's been quite the distraction! lol

Thanks for reading, and following! And I wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

See you in January! = )

~ Chrissy

Thursday, November 19, 2015

MY BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER - Free Series Starter

Hi everyone! In case you missed my last post, My Best Friend's Brother (Book 1) is currently FREE at most retailers! You may download and read it for free by visiting the links below:

FREE on Smashwords, iBooks, and on Barnes & Noble.

The remaining books in the series will not be free. However, you can purchase them by clicking on the links below:

Buy books on Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Enjoy the read! =)

~ Chrissy

Monday, November 9, 2015

Progress on BLAKE


I know I haven't posted in a while, and that's because I've had so much going on. I've also found a guy to distract me, and he isn't a guy in my book.

Weird, huh? Because...

Usually. Thankfully he's awesome enough to understand that I do need to work. lol

Anyway, I've been adding to Book 4, and the good news is, I'm almost halfway through! And truthfully, I'm having soooo much fun with this book!

I've got to say, with every new page she reads, my teenage sounding board shakes her head and calls me evil. It's okay, though, I really can be evil. Just read Jesse Daniels.

In other news:

My Best Friend's Brother is now on Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble

Not only is My Best Friend's Brother (Book 1) on Smashwords, but for the time being, it's FREE! You can't get a better deal than that if you tried! True story.

The other books in this series are available on Smashwords as well (some as preorders). They will not be free, but they are available for purchase. Look for them on iBooks and Barnes & Noble as well. =)

Making Up Blake will be available for preorder soon! So stay tuned for more updates, and a sample, too!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Excerpt from FINDING TROY

Dinner with the Jacobsons was not going well. Dad looked like he wanted to stab Luke in the throat with a salad fork.

For simply meeting me.

Okay, so Luke’s done more than just meet me. Especially in his Jeep the previous night. But, considering he was still alive, Dad couldn’t possibly know about that.

Luke was seated beside me, across from my father. He sported black jeans, a metallic blue shirt, and his silver chain. His icy blue eyes glided over to me from time to time. I hadn’t heard him breathe in a while, and hoped he’d survive dinner.

Because my life would really suck without him.

“Paul,” Burke said in his thick accent, trying to get Dad’s glare off my poor—okay, not so poor—fiancĂ©.

“Paul!” Mom kicked him under the table. Her eyes bulged and her mostly drawn-in eyebrows formed a scowl.

What?” Dad groaned.

“I am off next week for spring break. Would you like me to chaperone the trip to Prince George?” Burke asked, gesturing to me.

It’s amazing how much Burke will do for the sake of Dad’s sanity—which isn’t all there, anyway. Never mind his stepdaughter was going on the same trip with Troy De La Fontaine and Gino Barone—Burke Jacobson felt he had to tag along to babysit me.

Troy sat on one side of Lilly, in black jeans and a white tank top, regularly peeking at her. Gino sat on the other, in khaki pants and a brown shirt, practically burning a hole through Troy’s face.

So much for Luke’s best friends getting along.

It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that those two would have no problem killing each other.


“I don’t know if she’s going,” Dad grumbled.

“Paul would like that, thank you, Burke.” Mom stabbed her pork chop and shook her head at my father, her dreamcatcher earrings swaying as she did.

Burke ran a hand through his messy mocha hair. “Ah, no worries, Paul. She won’t even be gone a week, yes?”

Burke had to know it was pointless—Dad barely survived my trip to Switzerland. He’s going to flip when he hears I’m moving out with Luke Pawlak—which is why I’d decided it may be best not to tell him.


Perhaps my ring was a clue, but I would not dream of telling Dad Luke and I planned to live together before getting married. He’s old-fashioned like that.

And a hypocrite, to boot.

“Gino, are you feeling hot?” Mrs. Jacobson looked concerned. “Your face is so red!”

Gino glanced at her, shook his head no, gave a hint of a smile and went back to glaring at Troy.

“May I be excused?” Lilly asked awkwardly.

“No,” Mrs. Jacobson said. “Eat your sweet potato.”

Lilly brushed some long blond hair over her shoulder and heaved a sigh. She wore a hot pink tee shirt and jeans, and even in clothes so plain, she was gorgeous.

“If you don’t want your sweet potato, I’ll take it,” Sullivan offered.

Lilly flashed a fake smile. “Please do.”

Sullivan reached over the table, grabbed her potato and—between “Ow!”s— dumped it on his plate.

Lilly looked to her mother. “Now may I be excused?”

Luke cleared his throat. “It’s been a whole five minutes since she last did her make-up.”

With one swift swing, Lilly whacked him over the head. This time, he didn’t even see it coming.  “Shut up, Lukasz.”

“Enough,” Mrs. Jacobson growled.

“It’s been at least fifteen, Luke,” Troy said in his light French accent. “Not that Lilly even needs make-up.”

Lilly grinned before her glance turned to Gino.

Luke snickered. “She’s all right as far as girls go.”

I rolled my eyes.

“She’s all right....” Troy threw his head back and laughed. “She’s ... she’s...” His voice trailed off, and he gazed at her, mesmerized. “Stunning.”

Gino clenched his jaw.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” Mom said, looking at her. “I always thought so, too.”

Who doesn’t?

Lilly sighed and sat back in her seat. She obviously wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“Too bad I’m not older!” Sullivan boasted. “She’s smoking hot!”

Everyone looked at him.

He shrugged. “What?”

“Is this an appropriate conversation for such a young man?” Mom pushed on his back to straighten his posture.

“Yeah,” Sullivan said simply.

Dad chuckled, and Mom shot him a look.

“Troy, isn’t she hot?” Sullivan asked boldly.

All eyes were on Troy in an instant.

“Stunning,” Troy repeated with a smirk. “Don’t you think so, Gino?”

Gino leered at him. “Yeah. Sure glad I saw her first.”

Lilly’s eyes widened, and her forehead glistened.

Our parents—minus Dad—meant for this “peaceful” family dinner to bring us all together.

I’m not sure what they were thinking!

“I saw her before any of you,” Luke said, “and I sometimes wish I hadn’t.”

Lilly moved to smack him again, but Luke laughed and moved his head.

“Do you two not get along?” Dad asked, oblivious.

“We do on occasion,” Luke said, growing serious. “This isn’t one of those, though.”

“I thought twins have a magical bond that makes them get along,” Dad said between bites of salad.

“No.” Mrs. Jacobson smiled. “There is no such bond.”

“The only bond Lukasz has,” Lilly briefed, “is a cushy savings bond.”

Everyone laughed. Everyone but me, Luke, and Gino.

“Gee, thanks, Rapunzel,” Luke said.

“You’re welcome.” Lilly moved some food around on her plate.

Gino crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat. “This is starting to feel like dinner at my house....”

“Well I’m sure glad I saw her!” Sullivan grinned and tucked his brown hair behind his ears. “I think about her every night!”

Luke grimaced.

Mom shot Sullivan a look.

“How can that be?” I taunted. “I mean, she’s real!” That one, of course, was aimed at his girlfriend—whose existence was never proven, by the way. She’s like Bigfoot, or Nessie.

Sullivan crossed his arms. “She’s as real as you are.”

With another eye roll, I shook my head.

“Lilly, I love that necklace on you!” Mom said to change the subject.

Lilly’s hand went to her neck. Her fingers touched the impressive sapphire hanging on a heavy gold chain. “Thanks. Gino’s grandmother gave it to me. It’s a family heirloom, and I promised it would never leave my sight.” She glanced at Gino. “His grandma’s so sweet to me.”

Gino smiled and looked down.

Mom beamed. “That’s wonderful! It’s gorgeous!”

“I only take it off when I shower, or at night when I go to bed. And even then I feel kinda bad.”

Mom took a bite of her potato.

Gino and Lilly gazed at each other.

Burke cleared his throat. “Ah, as I was saying, Paul ... I reserved a two-room suite in Prince George. I have no problem going along with them, to supervise them on the trip. I need a vacation anyway.” 

Burke looked to his wife. “If you would like to go, the option is open, yes, Gwen?”

Mrs. Jacobson smiled. “Leave the cold to visit the cold?” She waved a hand at him. “I need to help Mrs. Barone at the restaurant. I promised.”

Burke looked at Gino. “Ah, I am so happy everything worked out for the Barones!”

Gino’s eyebrows gathered. “Yeah, my ma’s never been happier. She’s always wanted a successful restaurant.” His gaze softened and fell on Lilly. “Now she’s got one.”

“And now she can not have a vacation, yes?” Burke said with a grin.

Gino shrugged. “It doesn’t look like she minds.”

“They’re rolling in dough,” Sullivan noted. “Who would mind?”

Everyone looked at him, but nobody said anything. It must be awkward being my brother.

“That’s a good idea, Burke,” Dad said, glancing at Mom. “If Adonia must go.”

I thought I saw Mom roll her eyes. You would think people with PhD’s don’t roll their eyes.

“I will take care of her,” Burke said, gesturing to me. “No worries, Paul. No worries.”

At eighteen, I found this conversation beyond ridiculous.

“And if Burke doesn’t,” Sullivan said with a goofy grin, “Luke is bound to!”

Dad’s eyes widened, and his glare struck Luke. I could see the paranoia building in his head.

“I’ll make sure my friend Troy here doesn’t run off with her,” Luke joked, pointing to Troy.

Troy chuckled.

“I hear Troy has a history of that,” Burke said with a light smile.

Gino’s chest heaved.

My breaths grew rapid when I saw Dad’s face—he was white as a ghost.

“Dad,” I said. “He’s not serious.”

Dad looked breathless. “Troy runs off with girls?”

Luke nodded. “He used to steal my girlfriends in school.”

Dad’s brow creased. “How many did you have?”

Luke’s eyes widened. “Not many. I’m talking in middle school, no one...” He glanced at me. “...No one serious.”

Dad gnawed on his thumbnail.

Mom smacked his hand.

“In fact,” Luke added, his forehead growing glossy, “I never saw any of those girls outside of school.”

“I’m betting none of them liked to ski,” Lilly said dryly, eating some salad.

Dad stared. “I see.”

Luke’s eyes brushed mine, and settled on Dad again. “Troy’s an awesome guy. I trust him with my life.”

Dad knitted his eyebrows. “After he stole your girlfriends?”

Luke chewed some meat. “Yeah.”

“It’s okay, Dad,” Sullivan said. “Troy will pack a blow-up doll, too.”

Troy burst out laughing. “Ah, yeah?” When everyone looked at him, his face fell, and he looked down awkwardly.

Gino sat back in his seat. “Works for me.”

Troy pursed his lips.

Dad gripped his chest and heaved.

“Paul?” Burke narrowed his eyes. “Are you all right?”

Troy looked to Dad. “I don’t own a blow-up doll, if that helps, monsieur.”

Dad gasped for air. “No, Troy. That doesn’t help.”

“Troy!” Burke raised his eyebrows. “You are not making things better, yes?”

“Dad, stop freaking out!” Sullivan demanded. “Adonia’s got it covered, I saw pills in her dresser drawer!”

“You went through my stuff?!” I shrieked.

“Pills?” Dad said in a breathless panic. “She’s doing drugs?!” He looked at Luke. “You got my little girl into drugs? You got—” Dad wheezed. His body rattled.

Sullivan crinkled his nose. “Drugs...?”

“I’m not on drugs, it’s just birth control!” I blurted. “And why would I cheat? I wouldn’t sleep with another guy just because he’s smoking HOT!

I froze as the words left my mouth. I’d done it again.

“I mean,” I attempted. “Not that I’d cheat in that sense, because we don’t do stuff! And besides, Mom got me the pills to regulate my period! They’re not for sex! How can we have sex when we’re not even married!

Mom’s eyes glided over to Dad.

Luke swallowed hard.

My father heaved one final, terrified breath before he gripped his heart and collapsed.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


My Best Friend's Brother: Finding Troy 

Look what's been released today!!! Head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Finding Troy! You will need it to read Making Up Blake (Book 4), which I am a good portion of the way through, and will be posting about soon! =)

Finding Troy has been featured on the Reading is a Way of Life book blog! Read the review here!

Thanks for dropping by! More updates coming soon!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Troy, Blake, and Other Guys

Here's a picture of one of the guys in my life. As you can see, he's rather tall. Hairy. And he sticks his nose in just about everything! Even my email.

It's quite distracting while I write!

I've spent the past few weeks pretty much editing nonstop (okay, I slept, too), and—finallyFinding Troy has gone to my editor!

I am already part of the way through Making Up Blake (My Best Friend's Brother, Book 4), and I will say, Adonia Morrison's graduation does not go well! lol

And yes, you'll be LOL-ing, too.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

FINDING TROY ... and a dog, too.

My Best Friend's Brother: Finding Troy 

Great news! Finding Troy (My Best Friend's Brother, Book 3) is now available for preorder!

I've got to admit, I don't know where my summer went! A lot of it was spent writing through the smoke, as a good fraction of the state was on fire. That's not unusual — that's just how Alaska is each summer — smokey. This summer was considerably worse, though. And it's almost over.

Autumn starts by mid-August in Alaska. It generally snows in early September, and from then on it just gets darker and colder. We only get about four hours of daylight by winter solstice, although after so many years in Alaska, I've gotten so used to it, I no longer notice. lol

So that's basically it — I spent my whole summer writing. Well, and chasing kids around ... kids and a giant dog. That is actually what gave me inspiration for Finding Troy — my furry beast of a dog!

In fact, if you're a dog lover, chances are you'll love the pooch in this book, too! He's a young Irish wolfhound!

If you haven't yet read Book of Luke — which was released earlier this month — it may be a good idea to read that one first! The link's below!

More to come! Thanks for dropping by! =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finding Troy: My Best Friend's Brother, Book 3

My Best Friend's Brother: Finding Troy 

I'm excited to announce that I am over the halfway mark in my fourth novel, Finding Troy!

This is Book 3 of My Best Friend's Brother, and while the amazing Troy De La Fontaine causes a whole lot of tension in it, it's not exactly the book I said would be his. It's still too soon to tell, but I think I've got plans for this guy. Really big plans—to my teen's absolute delight! lol

If you haven't read Book of Luke, you won't know who Troy is, but you can get caught up by reading the book in paperback now, or on Kindle this Friday, July 17th! All preorders will be automatically delivered that day!

My own couch-size pooch (pictured below) inspired me to put a large dog in Finding Troy. I haven't had a dog in a book since Life with Jesse Daniels; I love what they add to books, so I am having a whole lot of fun with this!

I will update on progress as it's made, and am hoping to have Finding Troy in print this coming fall!

In the meantime, check out My Best Friend's Brother and Book of Luke!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Excerpt from BOOK OF LUKE (My Best Friend's Brother, Book 2)

Mom sat in the kitchen with a coffee and pastry, planning a museum exhibit. “Hi, sweetheart,” she said, adjusting her glasses, not looking up. “How was school?”

“Good,” I said, pouring myself some orange juice.

“Wonderful! I mailed out the deposit for college, and made you an appointment with a gynecologist.” She looked up and saw my glare.

“You did what?” I spat.

“Well, you’re eighteen and moving out soon; I figured you’d want to get on birth control. The doctor’s also doing an ultrasound to make sure everything’s okay, with the cramps you’ve been having and such. I told him you’d rather do that than get blood tests, since you’re scared of needles.”

From the topic I could tell Dad wasn’t home. “Blood tests for what?” I demanded.

“To make sure you’re not pregnant,” she said bluntly.

“Mom,” I growled. “I’m not pregnant. They’re menstrual cramps.” I never admitted Luke and I even did stuff—she was assuming a bit much!

She sipped her coffee and glanced at me. “It doesn’t hurt to double check!”

I rolled my eyes. To think a few months ago I actually missed this woman as she wandered the desert with the Aborigines.

My hands rested on my hips. “Can we please cancel it?”

She waved a hand at me. “No time, Adonia, the appointment’s been made. And I don’t think you need a baby ruining college for you, so getting on the pill is a good idea.” She looked at me. “How’s Luke?”

I sat in the seat beside her. “He wants me to meet his dad.”

Her eyes widened. “That sounds big!”

“Yeah, that’s kind of a weird thing for a guy to do,” I said. “What do you think it means?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “It can mean a lot of things. Maybe his father requires to meet you, with the two of you moving out ... or ... well, you know.”

My face hit my hands. “Mom, we haven’t done that,” I lied, red as a lobster. “And now I’m even more nervous.” With the way I was feeling, I knew I’d end up thinking with my mouth sooner or later—with his dad there!

She tapped my hand. “It’s okay, sweetheart, I doubt his dad will care. About that.”

Clearly I need to work on my lying skills.

On television guys get pats on the back, and congratulated for scoring. I hoped that wouldn’t happen with me right there. Realistically, though, Luke would probably just get a weird look, and his dad would say, 

“You can’t get better than this Amish girl?”

Yes, I do feel that plain.

Monday, July 6, 2015

My Best Friend's Brother, Updates and Max

Great news! My Best Friend's Brother: Book of Luke is currently with my editor, and will be released soon! I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope a lot of people really enjoy reading it! I write witty fiction because I love brightening people's days!

If you haven't already done so, you can read My Best Friend's Brother (Book 1) on Kindle or in paperback.

I have started on new book already (more on that soon!), but I ran into some trouble with my poor pup! For those of you who don't know, I have a giant malamute named Max. He's a monster—taller than most great danes. The poor guy's been sick, though, and I had to take a break from writing to:

a) Worry.
b) Clean the carpet. Constantly.
c) Help him feel better.

Man, I was a bundle of nerves—I even got writer's block. I'm happy to report, though, that he is 100% again, and now I can get back to work, too.

Here are a few pictures of Max. If he looks kind of nutty in the first one, well, that's because he is! lol

He's quite a looker, right? =)

He is (in many ways) just like Manny in Life with Jesse Daniels. Both him and his fictional twin mean a whole lot to me. You can read all about that here.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Solstice!

Wow, has it really been weeks? I've been lost in edits! The good news is, Book of Luke will be going to my editor soon!

It's summer solstice and interior Alaska gets about 22 hours of daylight today. We finally got some rain last night, and a break from the scorching heat—we've had temperatures here in the 90s, a full 30 degrees hotter than what it's been in places like Arizona.

To make things interesting, we also got a snowstorm in early June.

I'm completing my final picture book commission and after that will start on a new book—likely Book 3 of My Best Friend's Brother. My teen is really loving one of Book 2's hotties, and it's too soon to tell, but he may even get his own book!

Yeah, she's rooting for it....

Okay, fine, I am too. His name is Troy and he's got a dragon tattoo, and that's all I'm sharing for now. ;)

If you're on Facebook, be sure to drop by Cold Snap Books and follow us for updates!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wrapping Up LUKE

I can not believe I am almost done with this book! It was unthought of a month ago, because I hardly even planned it yet—and now it is 90% complete! I can't wait to see my first proof; I'm like a kid at Christmas! lol

The release date for Book of Luke will depend on my own edits, on my beta readers and my editor's schedule, but I should have a more accurate date by late June! It would be so awesome to have this out by my next birthday (end of summer), it would be like my birthday gift to me!

I'm not sure if I'll move on to book #3 after this or finish up Spirit Guide, I guess time will tell. I do know that I love the characters in the My Best Friend's Brother series; I had so much fun writing this, and my teenage sounding board had so much fun reading it and seeing it come to life—no wonder it got done so quickly!

More to come! Thanks for dropping by!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

LUKE! Progress!


Well I must say, Book 2 of My Best Friend's Brother is coming along faster than I thought!

It still won't be released for another few months, of course, but I am 45% through it!

I thought it would be harder than this, as I have so much going on with kids and business as well, and sometimes suffer from writer's block. But these characters are really active in my head!

As of right now, I would say there's quite a bit of bawdy humor in this book. It's definitely intended for an older YA audience, but my 14-year-old sounding board really really likes it, so perhaps not too old.

It looks like a new hottie will also be introduced in this book—you know, since two weren't quite enough! lol

I am having so much fun writing this, and will be posting updates and maybe even a more accurate non-official release date as I make more progress!

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

BOOK OF LUKE: My Best Friend's Brother 2

I've been kind of absent lately. And by that I don't mean I'm off vacationing in exotic places or spending thousands at the mall. Though that would be nice... It essentially means I'm chasing two toddlers around, homeschooling, assembling signs, shipping orders and writing. And marketing my books.

Although mainly, I've been writing. Every chance I get.

I was supposed to finish Spirit Guide (officially my third book) but I was pleasantly—very pleasantly—surprised by how successful the book launch for My Best Friend's Brother was. It hit several bestseller lists. It was downloaded more times than ParaNorman. It actually got as high as #224 in Kindle Store. Out of so many books, that's pretty damn high.

I got lots of great feedback, and I made a lot of people laugh. Which is the point. So I decided to write a sequel, while it's still in my head.

Speaking of my head—if you've read my novels, you know there's some weird stuff going on in there. They are both quite witty, and My Best Friend's Brother is more so.

My mind is an interesting place. I can take just about any situation and turn it funny. I get ideas 24/7, and I don't even write most of them down. I'm not afraid of forgetting them, because if I do, I know I'll get plenty of new ones.

I can't turn them off, and sometimes they'll come at a bad time. Like I'll be in a store, I'll think up something bizarre and start laughing to myself like a moron. Sure, I get weird looks from people, but it's okay, because I'm a writer.

The sequel to My Best Friend's Brother is titled Book of Luke. Yes, it's technically a working title, but I love it and will almost definitely use it! Yes, I said "almost definitely", because I need the wiggle room. lol

I am having so much freaking fun writing this, and I can't wait until the world has so much freaking fun reading it! I plan to release the book this coming fall!

So, you know, GO ME!


Friday, April 24, 2015


My guidance counselor sat with his feet on the desk, rocking in his leather office chair, looking through a Sports Illustrated while sucking on a lollipop.

I cleared my throat to make myself known. He jumped from his seat and flashed me a smile.

“Miss Morrison!” he said, gesturing to enter.

Henry Bias is a man of medium height who bears a striking resemblance to actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. Think Snow Dogs. Outbreak. Pearl Harbor. He sounds just like him, too.

He sat again as soon as I parked myself in the blue interrogation seat. He shoved the Sports Illustrated into his desk drawer. “Some boy left that here,” he totally lied. He straightened his tie. “And how are you today?”

“I could be better.”

His office makes me a bit claustrophobic. It’s almost entirely occupied by his enormous desk, some posters and his master’s degree. One poster on the wall above his head read,

: know everything about everyone.”

That explains a lot.

“Good, good,” he said, pulling out my file. “Now, Adonia, you’re here because you want to talk.”

“I’m here because you want to talk,” I noted.

He looked at me with his permanent grin. “Right, right…” he said between his teeth. He took a deep breath and said, “Okay! How’s the boyfriend doing?”

“We broke up a month ago,” I reminded him.

“Oh,” he said sympathetically. “Do you want to talk about that?”


“It’s good to talk about things that bother us!” he said enthusiastically. 

“It doesn’t bother me.” Jake-the-horny-toad Andrews was the last thing I wanted to discuss with him.

“Do you want to talk about anything that does bother you?” he asked, blindly turning pages in my file.


“How’s Lilly? Your best friend? That’s her name, isn’t it?” 

Figures he wasn’t sure. Half the time I talk to him he’s in another dimension, staring above my head with that grin. “She’s going on vacation.”

“That’s nice.”

I shifted in my seat. “I’m kind of jealous.”

“Oh. So you want to talk about that?”

I shrugged. “I don’t want to....”

He looked above my head and nodded, stroking his chin with his thumb and index finger. “Good, good. Go right ahead, I’m listening.”

My head fell into my hands. The next time I looked up he still smiled at the wall behind me; at a poster of two hula dancers on a Hawaiian beach.

Why couldn’t he schedule his stupid appointments during math? I’d rather be confused by Mr. Bias than be confused by math. 

“So you don’t want to talk?” he pressed once his vacation was over. “It’s confidential!” he exclaimed, grinning ear-to-ear.

I heaved a sigh. “My mom’s never home. Lilly’s mom is more of a mom to me than mine ever was. What does that tell you?” I pondered.

He held his chin and looked up thoughtfully. “That Lilly’s mom is a housewife and your mom isn’t?”

This guy’s got the most useless job on the face of the earth!

He held up a finger and searched frantically through my file. “She is a housewife, right?” He laughed nervously. “Well anyway, your mom’s career is clearly very high priority. She’s just doing the best she can. Have you considered your career path?”

“Yes... And it makes my head hurt.” 

“Good, good. That’s what I like to hear.” He scratched his head and thumped the eraser side of a pencil on his desk. “So, which university did you apply to?”

“I applied to the one in British Columbia.”

“Sick of Alaska?”

“It’s not that,” I said. “I just want to get away from home.” Far, far away.

Mr. Bias nodded. “Well, I moved up here for work,” he said, “and I can’t afford to leave!” His smile evaporated for a second as he stared, teary-eyed, into oblivion.

When he was back, his smile returned. “Any others?”

“No.” How many colleges do I need to get into, anyway? In the end, I can only attend one.

He laced his fingers and rested his hands on the desk. “How do your parents feel about that school?”

“I don’t know.” And I wanted to add, “I don’t care.”

“How do you think they feel about that school?”

My expression was blank.

“Well, let me rephrase that. How do you feel about how they might feel?” he asked with little hand gestures.

“I don’t know,” I repeated.

“Do you want to talk about it? This is a very confusing time for you, no question about that!”

I rolled my eyes. It’s funny how he thought he had to tell me that this was a ‘very confusing time’ for me. 

“Well then, I’ll see you next week! Unless you have other things you’d like to discuss today...?” He raised his eyebrows skeptically.

“No thanks,” I said, about to bolt out of there.

“Good, good. Feel free to come by any time you’d like to talk. I’m here to help!”

I left.

My parents, college, Jake, decision-making—everything I didn’t want to talk about, he brought up.

He even defended my poor excuse for a mother!

God, what’s that man
paid for?


Excerpt from "My Best Friend's Brother".

Copyright © 2015 by Chrissy Favreau. All rights reserved.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

An Excerpt from my new YA Romantic Comedy, MY BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER

Dad was at the kitchen table, sipping his coffee and flipping through his beloved Writer’s Digest.

“Good morning,” he said, without looking at me. 

“Morning, Dad.” I fell into my seat and practically inhaled the golden brown omelet, plump with melted cheddar and overflowing with mushrooms. “I’m going to the mall today,” I announced, silently hoping he’d let me. Sometimes Dad’s just in a stay-at-home kind of mood, but today he seemed passive. I think I’ve earned it, spending all of Saturday doing homework.

He chewed his food, his eyes glued to the magazine. “Sure, sweetie,” he mumbled.

I smiled and finished my breakfast.

“Don’t you have homework, Adonia?” Sullivan mocked in Dad’s direction.

I rolled my eyes. 

Sullivan has brown hair that hangs halfway down his neck, which he parts down the middle and tucks behind his ears. His eyes are hazel and his mouth is too big for his face—no surprise! He teases me about everything, and even became friends with Jake after the break up. The little pest invited him over to play video games and kept me cornered in my room. 

I shot him a look. Luckily, Dad hadn’t even looked up.

“Jake’s coming by today,” Sullivan informed me, looking for a reaction.

“So? I’ll be at the mall all day.” I took a sip of orange juice. “You know, I can hear your music all the way over here,” I said loudly, hoping Dad would lecture him again. But Dad still didn’t look up, and Sullivan pointed at me and laughed noiselessly. 

“What do you two want for dinner?” Dad asked lamely, still reading.

Sullivan slammed his fists on the table. “Lasagna!”

Dad looked bewildered. “Lasagna? For the third time this week?”

I shook my head and rinsed off my plate.

“Be back by nine,” Dad said. I turned and looked at him. “It’s a school night!” he briefed. Then he buried his head back in his magazine.

I sighed, walked to the front door and put on my sneakers.

“And keep that cell phone on!” he insisted from the kitchen.

I stepped into the chilly Alaskan air, headed for Mom’s silver Jeep Grand Cherokee. She lets me drive it while she’s away. She’s in Australia until late November, doing research on the Aborigines.

I cranked the engine and sat waiting in my seat. The car reeked of vanilla. I adjusted the automatic leather seat and carefully backed out of the long driveway. It was overcast out, like it’s going to snow. I’m not a fan of driving in snow, but it’s better than not driving at all. I haven’t crashed a car yet, and I’ve been driving since sixteen.

For a Sunday, the mall was pretty dead. It’s not a huge mall by any means. It has a pet store, a book store, a food court, a couple clothing stores, a Halloween shop, a music store, a movie theater, and an arcade. If you have lots of interests, you can spend a good day there. I’m particularly fond of the book and pet stores, though I couldn’t buy any pets there anyway, because pets are big no-no’s with my parents, especially Dad. When I get my own place, I’m buying a puppy before I even fill the fridge.

Upon entering the bookstore, I was greeted by a tall, nerdy clerk. He knows me. I’m one of the regulars.

I usually spend a while in there, browsing the young adult novels.

Classical music played over the loudspeaker, and the place smelled incredible—there’s nothing like the smell of ink and paper! At least, not for bookworms like me there isn’t!

I seated myself at the base of a bookshelf in the back of the store and looked through some books. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I’m one of those people that do—I like to see what the guys portrayed inside look like, and read through the book briefly. I’m not into naughty books, but I’ll have to admit, I am seventeen, and I am curious.

I spent a good hour reading, ignoring all the passersby and the loud giggly girls—as I call them—who walked in and headed straight for the adult romance novels. You know, the books with the half-naked men and extremely content women on the cover? Those novels. 

The girls gathered around in a circle, whispered loudly, read and pointed and giggled, and this would—on some days—go on for about thirty minutes straight. This time, though, they went on for nearly an hour, about twenty or so feet from me, laughing wildly. It annoyed the hell out of me.

I skimmed through a book titled Love at the End of the Day, which seemed like another I’m-going-away-to-college-and-I’ll-miss-you kind of book. The kind that depressed me in more ways than one, because I too was facing the uncertainty of college. And—what’s worse—I had no one to say goodbye to, because I was single.

I closed the book and sighed uneasily. My focus turned suddenly to a guy dressed in loose black jeans and a white muscle shirt. He wore a silver chain around his neck, held a black leather jacket, and strolled through the aisles in search of something. His hair was golden blond, split down the middle like Sullivan’s, but far shorter, leveling off at the top of his ears. He stopped in an aisle in the center section of the store, between me and the giggly girls. I thought he stopped in the travel section, but I wasn’t sure. Not until he picked up an atlas of Alaska.

I watched him curiously for some time. I hoped he wouldn’t look my way, because I stared like he’s a Greek god or something.

This guy is seriously hot! Too hot to even live here!

He eagerly skimmed the atlas. After some time, he bent over, put it back on the shelf and picked up another. He stood back up and looked through it, and when he tilted his head my way I got a glimpse of his eyes. His eyes are a light crystal blue, unlike any I’ve ever seen before! They’re incredible! Too hot for words!

I jumped and practically juggled my cell phone when it rang. Looking around sheepishly, I hit the green talk button.

“Hi!” It was Lilly.

“Hi,” I breathed softly. And I nearly choked on my spit when I saw him eyeing me! His head was slightly turned my way.

“We need to get together. I’m leaving in the morning,” Lilly said, preoccupied in the background.  “Do you want to meet at the ice rink? It’s been a week and I won’t have any practice for another three.” Chatterbox Lilly has a tendency to go off on tangents. This time I couldn’t catch it all because a Greek god distracted me.

His eyes alternated between me and his book, though each time our eyes met, he looked away. “Lilly,” I hissed so he couldn’t hear me, “there’s a seriously hot guy in here.”

She stopped talking to her mother in the background. “What? I didn’t hear you.”

I turned my head toward the bookshelf so he couldn’t read my lips. “There’s this guy in here, and he’s really, really HOT.” I turned my head in time to see him stick his nose back in the atlas. “Did you hear me?” I asked in my normal voice.

“Yeah,” she uttered, “something about a hot guy. So go talk to him!”

“I don’t know...” I was always the shy type.

“No, you should. Where are you?’

“At the mall,” I replied. Then I remembered. “Hey, how’s your brother?” Please mention his name!

“Oh, he’s good,” she breathed. “He met Burke this morning, because Burke was on a business trip much of the weekend,” she said, going off on another tangent.

The giggly girls grew noisy, so I pressed the phone hard against my ear to try to make out what she was saying. I couldn’t catch most of it.

“Are you there?” is the next thing I heard.

“Yeah,” I breathed. “Can you come by the mall?”

“I’d like to, but I’m packing. Can you come by here? When I finish, maybe we can go skate?”

I was about to say yes when a smile formed on his lips. He was still looking at the atlas, but it felt like it was directed at me. I bit my lip, trying to decide—best friend or drop-dead gorgeous hot guy? Ugh, decisions! But what kind of a friend would I be if I refused to see her before she left on vacation? “I’ll be right—”

She cut me off. “Someone’s on the other line, how about I call you in a few hours, okay? I think it may be my brother, probably lost already. He’s been out all weekend in some cheesy rental! I just hope it’s not that dumb jock again!”

“Um, okay.” I was going to ask if she wanted me to drop by, but she hung up.

I put my phone away and looked at the giggly girls. They’re all pretty short—not that I’m tall or anything—two brunettes and three blondes. All between fourteen and sixteen. One of them pointed to him, the others checked him out and whispered back and forth like sixth-graders.

Annoyed, I stuck my nose back in the book. When my eyes wandered a few seconds later, he was looking at me, plain as day!

He gestured to the giggly girls with his head, made a bit of a face and smiled.

My shoulders sunk toward my feet and my mouth formed a grin. He’s looking at me! Naturally, I tried to contain myself—I’ve imagined things like this before. Yes, I’ve imagined gorgeous, literate guys checking me out, when they’re merely zit-faced losers with braces, dirty hair and the inability to formulate a sentence.

Need I remind you, the guys at school are not much to look at?

His attention shifted away from me. He put the atlas back on the shelf and pulled out another. Yup, I’d imagined it! But I found pleasure in watching him anyway, so I did.

There’s a term for that—it’s called stalking, right?

Before I could stalk much longer, he put the atlas down and very coolly strolled my way.

I pretended not to notice. I didn’t want to look dumb when he’d pass by me. That’s happened before, too, and not with a guy this hot. 

My eyes fixed to page sixteen. I waited in suspense.

No one passed by. My breath stopped when I looked up: There he was.

“Good book?” he asked with a half-smile.

“Uh-huh,” I uttered, unable to find my voice.

He cocked his head and looked at the cover. “Love at the End of the Day,” he read, straightening his head and nodding as if that answered his question. “Going to buy that?”

I glanced toward the front of the store, where the clerk sat in a rotating chair, blowing a bubble and lost in a book. My eyes met the Greek god’s. “I don’t know. Should I?”

He shrugged. The giggly girls laughed loudly, but he blocked my view of them. “You could buy it and have lunch with me. Or you can leave it and have lunch with me…” The corners of his mouth rose into a seductive smile. “Or, you can bash me over the head with it for asking.” He grinned.


Excerpt from "My Best Friend's Brother".

Copyright © 2015 by Chrissy Favreau. All rights reserved.