Saturday, May 9, 2015

BOOK OF LUKE: My Best Friend's Brother 2

I've been kind of absent lately. And by that I don't mean I'm off vacationing in exotic places or spending thousands at the mall. Though that would be nice... It essentially means I'm chasing two toddlers around, homeschooling, assembling signs, shipping orders and writing. And marketing my books.

Although mainly, I've been writing. Every chance I get.

I was supposed to finish Spirit Guide (officially my third book) but I was pleasantly—very pleasantly—surprised by how successful the book launch for My Best Friend's Brother was. It hit several bestseller lists. It was downloaded more times than ParaNorman. It actually got as high as #224 in Kindle Store. Out of so many books, that's pretty damn high.

I got lots of great feedback, and I made a lot of people laugh. Which is the point. So I decided to write a sequel, while it's still in my head.

Speaking of my head—if you've read my novels, you know there's some weird stuff going on in there. They are both quite witty, and My Best Friend's Brother is more so.

My mind is an interesting place. I can take just about any situation and turn it funny. I get ideas 24/7, and I don't even write most of them down. I'm not afraid of forgetting them, because if I do, I know I'll get plenty of new ones.

I can't turn them off, and sometimes they'll come at a bad time. Like I'll be in a store, I'll think up something bizarre and start laughing to myself like a moron. Sure, I get weird looks from people, but it's okay, because I'm a writer.

The sequel to My Best Friend's Brother is titled Book of Luke. Yes, it's technically a working title, but I love it and will almost definitely use it! Yes, I said "almost definitely", because I need the wiggle room. lol

I am having so much freaking fun writing this, and I can't wait until the world has so much freaking fun reading it! I plan to release the book this coming fall!

So, you know, GO ME!


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