Thursday, May 21, 2015

LUKE! Progress!


Well I must say, Book 2 of My Best Friend's Brother is coming along faster than I thought!

It still won't be released for another few months, of course, but I am 45% through it!

I thought it would be harder than this, as I have so much going on with kids and business as well, and sometimes suffer from writer's block. But these characters are really active in my head!

As of right now, I would say there's quite a bit of bawdy humor in this book. It's definitely intended for an older YA audience, but my 14-year-old sounding board really really likes it, so perhaps not too old.

It looks like a new hottie will also be introduced in this book—you know, since two weren't quite enough! lol

I am having so much fun writing this, and will be posting updates and maybe even a more accurate non-official release date as I make more progress!

Thanks for dropping by!

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