Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Solstice!

Wow, has it really been weeks? I've been lost in edits! The good news is, Book of Luke will be going to my editor soon!

It's summer solstice and interior Alaska gets about 22 hours of daylight today. We finally got some rain last night, and a break from the scorching heat—we've had temperatures here in the 90s, a full 30 degrees hotter than what it's been in places like Arizona.

To make things interesting, we also got a snowstorm in early June.

I'm completing my final picture book commission and after that will start on a new book—likely Book 3 of My Best Friend's Brother. My teen is really loving one of Book 2's hotties, and it's too soon to tell, but he may even get his own book!

Yeah, she's rooting for it....

Okay, fine, I am too. His name is Troy and he's got a dragon tattoo, and that's all I'm sharing for now. ;)

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