Thursday, July 30, 2015

FINDING TROY ... and a dog, too.

My Best Friend's Brother: Finding Troy 

Great news! Finding Troy (My Best Friend's Brother, Book 3) is now available for preorder!

I've got to admit, I don't know where my summer went! A lot of it was spent writing through the smoke, as a good fraction of the state was on fire. That's not unusual — that's just how Alaska is each summer — smokey. This summer was considerably worse, though. And it's almost over.

Autumn starts by mid-August in Alaska. It generally snows in early September, and from then on it just gets darker and colder. We only get about four hours of daylight by winter solstice, although after so many years in Alaska, I've gotten so used to it, I no longer notice. lol

So that's basically it — I spent my whole summer writing. Well, and chasing kids around ... kids and a giant dog. That is actually what gave me inspiration for Finding Troy — my furry beast of a dog!

In fact, if you're a dog lover, chances are you'll love the pooch in this book, too! He's a young Irish wolfhound!

If you haven't yet read Book of Luke — which was released earlier this month — it may be a good idea to read that one first! The link's below!

More to come! Thanks for dropping by! =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finding Troy: My Best Friend's Brother, Book 3

My Best Friend's Brother: Finding Troy 

I'm excited to announce that I am over the halfway mark in my fourth novel, Finding Troy!

This is Book 3 of My Best Friend's Brother, and while the amazing Troy De La Fontaine causes a whole lot of tension in it, it's not exactly the book I said would be his. It's still too soon to tell, but I think I've got plans for this guy. Really big plans—to my teen's absolute delight! lol

If you haven't read Book of Luke, you won't know who Troy is, but you can get caught up by reading the book in paperback now, or on Kindle this Friday, July 17th! All preorders will be automatically delivered that day!

My own couch-size pooch (pictured below) inspired me to put a large dog in Finding Troy. I haven't had a dog in a book since Life with Jesse Daniels; I love what they add to books, so I am having a whole lot of fun with this!

I will update on progress as it's made, and am hoping to have Finding Troy in print this coming fall!

In the meantime, check out My Best Friend's Brother and Book of Luke!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Excerpt from BOOK OF LUKE (My Best Friend's Brother, Book 2)

Mom sat in the kitchen with a coffee and pastry, planning a museum exhibit. “Hi, sweetheart,” she said, adjusting her glasses, not looking up. “How was school?”

“Good,” I said, pouring myself some orange juice.

“Wonderful! I mailed out the deposit for college, and made you an appointment with a gynecologist.” She looked up and saw my glare.

“You did what?” I spat.

“Well, you’re eighteen and moving out soon; I figured you’d want to get on birth control. The doctor’s also doing an ultrasound to make sure everything’s okay, with the cramps you’ve been having and such. I told him you’d rather do that than get blood tests, since you’re scared of needles.”

From the topic I could tell Dad wasn’t home. “Blood tests for what?” I demanded.

“To make sure you’re not pregnant,” she said bluntly.

“Mom,” I growled. “I’m not pregnant. They’re menstrual cramps.” I never admitted Luke and I even did stuff—she was assuming a bit much!

She sipped her coffee and glanced at me. “It doesn’t hurt to double check!”

I rolled my eyes. To think a few months ago I actually missed this woman as she wandered the desert with the Aborigines.

My hands rested on my hips. “Can we please cancel it?”

She waved a hand at me. “No time, Adonia, the appointment’s been made. And I don’t think you need a baby ruining college for you, so getting on the pill is a good idea.” She looked at me. “How’s Luke?”

I sat in the seat beside her. “He wants me to meet his dad.”

Her eyes widened. “That sounds big!”

“Yeah, that’s kind of a weird thing for a guy to do,” I said. “What do you think it means?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “It can mean a lot of things. Maybe his father requires to meet you, with the two of you moving out ... or ... well, you know.”

My face hit my hands. “Mom, we haven’t done that,” I lied, red as a lobster. “And now I’m even more nervous.” With the way I was feeling, I knew I’d end up thinking with my mouth sooner or later—with his dad there!

She tapped my hand. “It’s okay, sweetheart, I doubt his dad will care. About that.”

Clearly I need to work on my lying skills.

On television guys get pats on the back, and congratulated for scoring. I hoped that wouldn’t happen with me right there. Realistically, though, Luke would probably just get a weird look, and his dad would say, 

“You can’t get better than this Amish girl?”

Yes, I do feel that plain.

Monday, July 6, 2015

My Best Friend's Brother, Updates and Max

Great news! My Best Friend's Brother: Book of Luke is currently with my editor, and will be released soon! I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope a lot of people really enjoy reading it! I write witty fiction because I love brightening people's days!

If you haven't already done so, you can read My Best Friend's Brother (Book 1) on Kindle or in paperback.

I have started on new book already (more on that soon!), but I ran into some trouble with my poor pup! For those of you who don't know, I have a giant malamute named Max. He's a monster—taller than most great danes. The poor guy's been sick, though, and I had to take a break from writing to:

a) Worry.
b) Clean the carpet. Constantly.
c) Help him feel better.

Man, I was a bundle of nerves—I even got writer's block. I'm happy to report, though, that he is 100% again, and now I can get back to work, too.

Here are a few pictures of Max. If he looks kind of nutty in the first one, well, that's because he is! lol

He's quite a looker, right? =)

He is (in many ways) just like Manny in Life with Jesse Daniels. Both him and his fictional twin mean a whole lot to me. You can read all about that here.