Thursday, July 30, 2015

FINDING TROY ... and a dog, too.

My Best Friend's Brother: Finding Troy 

Great news! Finding Troy (My Best Friend's Brother, Book 3) is now available for preorder!

I've got to admit, I don't know where my summer went! A lot of it was spent writing through the smoke, as a good fraction of the state was on fire. That's not unusual — that's just how Alaska is each summer — smokey. This summer was considerably worse, though. And it's almost over.

Autumn starts by mid-August in Alaska. It generally snows in early September, and from then on it just gets darker and colder. We only get about four hours of daylight by winter solstice, although after so many years in Alaska, I've gotten so used to it, I no longer notice. lol

So that's basically it — I spent my whole summer writing. Well, and chasing kids around ... kids and a giant dog. That is actually what gave me inspiration for Finding Troy — my furry beast of a dog!

In fact, if you're a dog lover, chances are you'll love the pooch in this book, too! He's a young Irish wolfhound!

If you haven't yet read Book of Luke — which was released earlier this month — it may be a good idea to read that one first! The link's below!

More to come! Thanks for dropping by! =)

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