Thursday, June 22, 2017


Hi all! Life's been so hectic that I've had no time for updates in a while — but rest assured, I have not disappeared! =)

I've had some issues with corrupted files a few months back, and my Mac got fried in a power outage — lucky me, right? There's nothing like getting 80% through a manuscript, just to find out that the file got corrupted and I lost just about everything.

Between panic attacks, I thought about Ben Stiller's character in the movie Duplex. You know, the writer who had his laptop set on fire, and run over by a dump truck the night before his book deadline?

Yeah ... it's as bad as it looks.

In case you're wondering where the My Best Friend's Brother series went, I decided to see how it does on Kindle Unlimited. You can check it out at

I'm finishing up a manuscript (which hopefully will stay finished), and will have more news shortly!

Thanks for dropping by.

~ Chrissy